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The stories we share are designed to encourage actionable change

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We’re working to create wildly authentic films with exceptional storytelling that connect with audiences on a deep emotional level to inspire impact and change. By sharing stories with journalistic integrity and outstanding visuals we aim to create work that helps restore our connection to nature. Our stories showcase wild places, beautiful wildlife, authentic people and changemakers for tourism regions, non-profit organizations and adventurous brands.

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Mitch Bowmile founded North Country Media House in 2021 as an avenue to tell in-depth stories with journalistic integrity. We’ve hit the ground running and we have no plans of stopping. 


Mitch was extremely fortunate to be able to travel after graduating from journalism school. What he saw had a profound impact on him. Wild spaces, mountains and people living in harmony with nature. Mitch trekked through the Norwegian mountains, climbed in the alps and the Alaska Range, paddled pristine lakes and rivers in Ontario and even rode his bike across the Yukon. Places like that leave a lasting impact on a person.


In founding NCMH, Mitch wanted to share stories that help protect these beautiful wild places, wildlife and the people that live there. By sharing stories of adventure, conservation and eco-tourism, he hopes that NCMH can play a role in restoring people’s connection to the natural world through film. 


So here we are. Creating beautiful, timeless, authentic films that do just that.




Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do. NCMH founder Mitch Bowmile always had a passion for in-depth long form work. Whether it was feature writing or creating films, it was all about digging deep to find the real story hidden beneath the surface. We match our love for journalistic quality and creative storytelling with exceptional visuals to craft beautiful films. Our style is simple, raw, honest and wildly authentic. It evokes lasting emotional resonance, features unique stories told in a creative way and characters that remind us of the importance of our relationship with nature all while creating an impact.


We acknowledge that our work takes place on Indigenous land and strive to include appropriate recognition, acknowledgement, and representation in our storytelling. The film industry has a long history of misrepresenting Indigenous voices and contributing to a narrative of ignorance in North America. When we work on Indigenous land and with Indigenous voices we will always seek support and inclusion from Indigenous communities to ensure accurate representation and make sure our work serves a benefit to those communities. We advocate for the inclusion and representation of Indigenous, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and female voices which are vastly underrepresented. 


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