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North Country Media House is an Ontario-based production company connecting people to nature

North Country Media House matches the art of storytelling with the craft of cinematography to create impactful and beautiful films for non-profit organizations, tourism regions, and environmentally-responsible adventurous brands that connect people to nature. Our work evokes lasting emotional resonance, features unique stories told in a creative way and characters that remind us of the importance of our relationship with nature all while creating an impact. 


Mitch Bowmile | Director and Founder

In 2021 I founded North Country Media House to create timeless, beautiful stories that connect people to nature. Through advocating for eco-tourism, the work of environmental non-profits, and outdoor brands that contribute to their communities, I hope to spark that connection in everyone who views our work. I have experience working in environmental & social non-profit, have explored deep into the wilderness by canoe, snowshoe, crampon, skis, and bike, and have been fortunate to share stories through award-winning films, photo-essays, and feature writing.            

We're grateful to work with a wonderful team of creative freelance collaborators on a project basis. 

including those skilled in motion graphics, audio post-production, graphic design, and cinematography

Our Team

We specialize in in-depth storytelling designed for impact. 

In a world of surface level content our films explore the depth of human emotion and complex themes that ultimately lead to the deepest level of connection. We connect people, draw out their emotion, and make them part of the story. 

We think storytelling should be honest, authentic, and represent  the truth

We don't create fluff. We create authentic, honest films that challenge and connect. We understand the power of storytelling and firmly believe in presenting a fair and ethical version of the truth in our films.

We draw on compelling characters to share their own stories

We often draw on character-driven narratives to create emotional resonance. We get to know the subjects of our films and take the responsibility of sharing their story with authenticity seriously.  It's their story, we're grateful to tell it, and we'd like to see them gain value from sharing it. 

We mix the art of storytelling with the craftsmanship of cinematography to create beautiful films

We use a variety of creative visual and storytelling methods to create beautiful, authentic, and timeless films. We pride ourselves in our deep appreciation for our craft and passion for blending art and journalism. 

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Our Clients


We acknowledge that our work takes place on Indigenous land and strive to include appropriate recognition, acknowledgement, and representation in our storytelling. The film industry has a long history of misrepresenting Indigenous voices and contributing to a narrative of ignorance in North America. When we work on Indigenous land and with Indigenous voices we will always seek support and inclusion from Indigenous communities to ensure accurate representation that serves to benefit those communities. We advocate for the inclusion and representation of Indigenous, BIPOC, and female voices in the outdoors. 

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