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Our films emphasize authentic characters and the beauty of the natural world to create lasting emotional connection with viewers


Since the days of Ernest Shackelton and Roald Amundsen, explorers have been using the work of photographers and filmmakers to generate finances for their expeditions. We want to help you share your story with the world so you can focus on what needs to be done. NCMH founder Mitch Bowmile has experience and technical training in harsh environments that will make him an asset as a filmmaker. Mitch has completed a 12-day mountaineering course with Alaska Mountaineering School,  technical training in whitewater canoeing, bikepacked across the Yukon has experience guiding wilderness excursions. Let’s make your dream expedition happen, and then share it with the world when it does.



Mitch has experience working for both social and environmental NPOs where the value of sharing impact stories is everything. Having worked on several campaigns at multiple organizations, Mitch saw firsthand how strong storytelling created public awareness ultimately leading to funding, grants and donations. Connecting with your donor base on an emotional level with your organization's stories leads to more invested donors. Unfortunately, NPOs are often working with budgetary restraints and don’t feel they can afford to create impactful storytelling assets. Let’s talk about how we can work within your budget and create work that benefits both your organizations and the causes you support.


Encouraging travel to beautiful and wild places will inspire more people to care about them and ultimately protect them. That’s why tourism is so important to us. We specialize in outdoor and eco-tourism. Trusted by Ontario Tourism, Destination Northern Ontario and NorthEastern Ontario Tourism, NCMH develops timeless, wildly authentic and visually outstanding films featuring characters and places from incredible destinations. NCMH founder Mitch Bowmile’s experience as a wilderness guide allows him access into some of the most beautiful and remote areas on our planet. That access leads to one-of-a-kind visuals that compliment our exceptional standard for storytelling. From concept to completion, allow us to find and share stories from your region that will inspire people from across the globe to visit.

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Leading outdoor brands like Patagonia have shown that the outdoor industry can play an integral role in protecting the places we love. These are the brands we love to work with. NCMH founder Mitch Bowmile lives and breathes outdoor sport. It’s important to have someone who understands how your brand functions in the outdoor world. Let’s create wildly authentic and visually exceptional stories from wild places on our planet to encourage adventure and inspire generations of outdoor changemakers.


To keep our passion for beautiful visuals and exceptional storytelling burning we create original films. These passion projects are creative works that allow us to share stories we find truly profound and beautiful. We always appreciate when organizations recognize the importance of exceptional storytelling and support these films so that we can ensure the highest production quality. Let us know if you're interested in providing sponsorship to our original films.

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We acknowledge that our work takes place on Indigenous land and strive to include appropriate recognition, acknowledgement, and representation in our storytelling. The film industry has a long history of misrepresenting Indigenous voices and contributing to a narrative of ignorance in North America. When we work on Indigenous land and with Indigenous voices we will always seek support and inclusion from Indigenous communities to ensure accurate representation and make sure our work serves a benefit to those communities. We advocate for the inclusion and representation of Indigenous, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and female voices which are vastly underrepresented. 


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